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CJ4 5579 Andrew Aldridge, Mk2 Golf GTi

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Andrew Aldridge, G 435 PLG, Mk2 Golf GTi, Touch of Mojo Mk2 Golf GTi Championship, Lotus Festival 2013, Brands Hatch, August 2013

Copyright © 2013 Chris McEvoy, all rights reserved

Media ID 9086661

Date: 25th August 2013

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

Job Title: Photographer

Sub Location: Brands Hatch

City: Bishops Stortford

County: Herts

Country: UK

Author: Chris McEvoy

Image Size: 4724 x 3780 Pixels

Filesize is 11.27MB

Associated Categories: Lotus Festival 2013 Brands Hatch

Keywords: andrew aldridge, august 2013, brands hatch, g 435 plg, lotus festival 2013, mk2 golf gti, mk2 golf gti championship, touch of mojo