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Martin Haines, Merlyn Mk 20 CJ5 1080

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Martin Haines, Merlyn Mk 20, Classic Racing cars, sponsored by, the cubicle centre, HSCC Championship finals, Silverstone

Copyright © (C)2013 Chris McEvoy, McEvoy, all rights reserved.

Media ID 8942983

Date: 19th October 2013

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

Job Title: Photographer

City: Silverstone

Country: UK

Author: Chris McEvoy

Image Size: 4733 x 3780 Pixels

Filesize is 10.55MB

Associated Categories: HSCC Championship Finals

Keywords: championship finals, classic racing cars, cubicle centre, hscc, martin haines, merlyn mk 20, motor racing, motorsport, nostalgia, silverstone