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Welcome to CJM Photography where you can view a wide range of motorsport images. We also have galleries of places and locations from across the UK.

As November draws to an end so does the 2018 racing season. It’s therefore a suitable time to look back and reflect on past events. Firstly it has to be noted that the weather has been exceptionally good. Despite a very chilly start to the season, the Goodwood Members 2018 meeting having been held in a blizzard, the rest of the year was suitably sunny, hot and dry. 

Once again there was a wondrous collection of meetings to attend with epic racing to gladden the heart in many categories. Although the demise of the Motor Speedway at Rockingham is a sad note to end the year on. It was a circuit whose meetings I’d enjoyed covering and have driven the track on numerous occasions. 

But there’s the whole of 2019 to look forward to. And I’m sure it will be as exciting and memorable as 2018.

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CJM Photography

On this site you'll find a range of photographs from motorsport's classic/historic events as well as those of the current era. These include headline events such as those from the VSCC and HSCC; Race Retro, Donington Historic Festival, the three Goodwood events, Silverstone Classic, BTCC etc. All can be provided as wall art such as canvas prints or framed prints. Alternatively they can be provided on a range of gifts such as key rings, cushions, jigsaws, mouse mat, mug, greetings cards and other types of small gift. We'll even show you how the finished product will look.